Best Most Comprehensive Review Ever!!

Best Most Comprehensive Review Ever!!

For some reason the last post didn't let me post with photos so here you go.

Well, no points for guessing what I have been drinking all year! This is the reason why I haven't reviewed anything in 2023, because I haven't been drinking anything else these days.At the risk of depleting the often very very limited supply of this true gold I thought I might as well leave a review. Its not available that often and gets snapped up quickly and with good reason. Thank you Kavapros for importing such an amazing root!

For those of you familiar with the quality of Root and pestle/Kava society, this kava from Fiji is on that same level of quality in terms of how fresh, clean and well-ground it is. Absolute AAA+ grade. After getting used to the Quality of Forney enterprises processing I always wanted a Fijian Kava of the same standard. Particularly as R&P kava all have this stimulating racy thing going on that Fijian kava tends to have less of......

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