Since the inception of the Australian kava pilot program at the beginning of 2022 Kava Pros have been at the forefront of importing only the highest quality kava. 

It all started about more than a decade ago in Fiji where I was literally sick to the stomach of drinking poor quality kava. I've been drinking kava for approximately 25 years however it wasn't because I enjoyed it but more so the social and traditional aspect of the Fijian kava culture. Growing up in Fiji kava is a huge part of our lives even from a young age. Kava is literally everywhere you look. We would drink kava with friends, family, at functions and it was never something I enjoyed but did so for the social and traditional obligation. 

It was not until I had a long conversation with a man from Vanuatu about why I didn't enjoy drinking kava before it came to light. To cut a long story short the conclusion was; "good kava should not make you feel horrible the following day". 

I figured I would make my own and try it out. So I headed to the fruit and vegetable markets in Lautoka and purchased some kava root (where normally I would buy the already processed powder). I cleaned it, pounded it and after the first shell the eureka moment hit me. This was quite an enjoyable exprerience. I felt calm and mellow almost straight away and the following morning I was well rested and fresh for the day. 

It was then I realised that not all kava is created equal and the only way to ensure you are drinking quality kava is to process it yourself.

I was always curious as to why I could buy the already processed kava powder for as low as $60/kg when the unprocessed root itself would cost up to $120/kg (Fijian dollars). 

I began to realise that there are middlemen in Fiji that would adulterate the precious kava root with stems that should only be used for replanting. Needless to say I wouldn't be purchasing any more kava powder. 

Our family have been in the agro-processing industry in Fiji for over 20 years so it only took a few minor adjustments to add kava to our agricultural processing capabilities. 

I started out making kava only for myself so when I would meet up with friends to drink kava I would naturally bring my own sevusevu (gift to the host) to the kava session. Everybody love it and started asking where I got it and if they could buy it from me. I slowly started supplying friends and family and realised the kava has literally changed my life. 

I was less moody, more patient with my wife and children and an all-round better human being by adding quality kava to my lifestyle. Mind you moderation played a huge role in this but thats a story for another day. 

We then started exporting kava to the USA because I knew if there was a demand for quality kava in Fiji there would surely be a demand internationally. 

We would then begin to export Fijian kava to the USA under the brand Royal Fiji Kava and this was an absolute hit. It was actually helping people become better versions of themselves. 

By the time the Australian pilot program was launched I knew what I had to do. 
As I live in Australia I wanted to be able to provide the same life changing experiences to my fellow countrymen and women. 

As I felt my experience and knowledge of kava was something to be shared Kava Pros was born.

Our plan is to change lives one shell at a time.