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Kava Pros

Micronized Kava

Micronized Kava

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Premium Micronized Kava

  • 100% Fijian Kava
  • Micronized for your drinking pleasure (straining recommended)
  • Use half the amount of regular kava
  • Pure quality and limited stock available 
  • You can drink it mixed straight as a smoothie but always strain when using plain water.
  • Use 2-3 "teaspoons" per 500ml water.

With Kava Pros premium micronized root you are guaranteed to use half the amount of regular kava. We have made sure that the root has been thouroughly cleaned before processing and that only kava root is used (zero stem). 

Get Your First Mix Going:

Step 1: Add 2-3 teaspoons to the strainer bag. 
Step 2: Fill a basin with 500ml water
Step 3: Knead bag in water for aprox 3-4min until water is nice and dark. 
Step 4: Drink approx 100ml at a time in one go.
I.e. Don't sip the 100ml just drink the lot. Have the next 100ml shot about 10-15min apart.

The Truth About Micronized Kava

Micronized kava has had a bad wrap in the past because customers are told they do not need to strain it. Many and have mistaken it for dehydrated instant kava. Many vendors call this "instant kava" but we don't. 

The only way micronized kava should be used unstrained is in a smoothie (mixed with other fruits like banana, watermelon, mango, pineapple etc) at the recommended serving size of 2-3 teaspoons per 500-600ml or water or milk

Even though its extremely clean we still recommend straining the product.

Kava Pros Premium Guarantee

We also guarantee you WILL NOT find a better kava on the planet. We base our quality assesment on Smell, Taste & Effect and guarantee you will not have smelt, tasted or had an effect like this ever before. 
If you have tried other kava's in the past you will know what we mean. 


With so many kava brands coming into Australia it makes it hard to choose a quality product. Not anymore!

Not Your Average Importer

At Kava Pros we don't import crazy amounts of kava which means that our kava is always fresh. Australia is not a huge market for kava despite what many suppliers think. Importing hundreds of kilos is not going to do anyone any good. If not packed or dried correctly kava can go bad very fast due to high moisture content coupled with the Australian autumn & winter seasons. This is why we only import what we know we can sell and drink ourselves. 

Preparation is the Key

Kava Pros have been involved in the agro-processing industry in Fiji for over 2 decades the knowledge and experience in kava processing is second to none. We know all our farmers and also process our own product. Kava Pros regularly inspect their facilities and never deal with backyard processors or middlemen. 

Kava Pros ensures all kava is processed and packed to international standards. Although we can't divulge our secrets to processing a superior kava product, the proof is always in the pudding. 

Packaging for Freshness

In Fiji much of our drinking kava is packed in paper bags. With the tropical climate most excess moisture in the kava is absorbed by the paper leaving less room for the growth of pathogens. Unfortunately in the Aussie climate this does not happen especially in the colder months. 
Any kava drinker in Australia will tell you that kava can develop a mouldy smell quite quickly. With thousands of kilos being imported into Australia without the proper preparation or packaging there will no doubt be tonnes of bad kava for sale right now.




This is the business end of the kava root where the majority of the kavalactones is held.
Its strong, hard hitting and a dark colour when mixed. If your kava looks dark in colour you can be sure it is a waka dominant powder. 




This is the less potent part of the root system and located just above the waka and below the stem. Its smooth milky and plesent tasting though you will need to drink a lot more in order to feel the effect. 



The kasa is used by dishonest sellers to bulk up the weight of thier product and it is truly an ugly part of the kava trade. Kasa should only be used for replanting. When pounded up with waka and lewena there is really no way to tell what it is you're drinking. The only way to tell is when you feel sick and hungover the next day. 

Kava pros can confirm we never use kasa or stem in any of our kava products. 

Kava Pros do not buy or trade kava less than 3 years old. Kava Pros firmly believe that kava root should be left in the ground for an absolute minimum of 3 years.
We do not encourage our farmers to harvest their crop unless its at least 3 years old.


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