Types of Kava

This is where things get tricky. Not all kava is created equal. Kava is big business in Fiji and all over the world. Many suppliers looking to make a quick buck will add different parts of the plant to the kava to increase the weight. 


This part of the kava root has the storngest effect, and a great choice if you don't have the time to spend hours in front of the kava bowl. A few cups of Waka and you'll be on your way to a good relaxing chill. 

Waka is the most potent and expensive part of the plant.
Has a storng sedative effect



This is the top part of the root much thicker and white in colour. It has a much milder effect to the Waka and often used in social settings because you are able to drink a lot more and enjoy the occasion.

Lawena has a mild euphoric effect and contains less kavalactones than the lateral root. Lawena is often blended with Waka to produce a distinct kava vibe.  

Lawena is the top of the root system below the stem and gives
you a mild euphoric feeling when consumed



This part of the plant has zero effect or benefit and is used by many processors to water down or add more weight to the kava. 

Its a terrible practice and we encourage our customers to know thier kava.

To give you an idea: Some kava is sold in Fiji for as low as FJ$60/kg (pounded and ready to mix). The Waka root itself (dried and un-pounded) is sold from between FJ$80 - FJ120 per kg. If you do the math you can be sure something is definitely wrong with a $60 kilo of kava. 

This is the crap that no one wants to drink yet many processors
use this part of the plant to make their kava cheaper.