All About Kava

Kava has been used in the pacific for centuries. Each Pacific Island culture has their own traditional uses for kava. 

To define the kava culture in todays world in only two words would be sharing & fellowship. In Fiji kava is know as the national drink. People from all walks of life will sit down to a kava session to wind down after a long day, or simply spend time with friends and lovedones.

Effects of Kava

Kava is non-alcoholic and does not affect you the same way alcohol does.
We do not recommend mixing kava with alcohol. 

Kava gives you a mild euphoric sensation with a sedative effect in Fiji we call it (Grog-Doped). We have not know kava to have any advers effects on people however drinking too much can leave you feeling a little bloated and extremely drowsey.

We also don't recommend driving or operating heavy machinery after drinking kava.