Wholesale Kava

As processors of premium kava in Fiji we are able to offer you great wholesale bulk kava options with private labeling services for your business. All our Fijian kava is of a noble variety.

Some of the kava varieties we process include:

Kasa Loa (Black Stem) - Very smooth and subtle kava until it kicks - one of our all time favourite kavas. Examples include Fijian Gold and Platinum Lewena. A little more on the expensive side as this is a 6yr old kava root.

Vula Kasa Leka (White Stem Short) - Another very smooth cultivar also great to drink and also an all time favourite kava. Slightly less costly than the kasa loa as its a 4yr old kava. Nice euphoric effect with a clean outlook the following day. 

Qila Leka - Strong peppery taste with great all round body experience. Grown in the Saqani region this is a strong 3yr old kava root that is not for the faint hearted. 

Contact us today for a quote - we can supply Australia, NZ, and the USA.