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Plastic Shaker Bottle

Plastic Shaker Bottle

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Plastic Shaker Bottle

Introducing our new Plastic Shaker Bottle - another exciting way to prepare your favourite Kava Pros kava. Make up to 1000ml of kava at once using the Kava Pros Shake Bag.

For a super strong mix add 5 tablespoons of kava to the Shaker Bag and fill bottle with 800ml water

Drop bag in and shake!!!

Have your first 2 cups and top your shaker bottle up with water and shake again.



Kava Pros have been involved in the agro-processing industry in Fiji for over 2 decades the knowledge and experience in Kava is second to none. Kava Pros have built relationships with our farmers to cooperate and increase the quality and maturity of our Kava so we only bring you the best. Kava Pros regularly inspect their facilities to ensure food safety compliance is met. 

Kava Pros ensure all Kava is processed and packed to international standards. Although we can't divulge our secrets to processing a superior Kava product but it's evidently clear after opening the first bag.



This is the business end of the Kava root where the majority of the kavalactones is held. It's strong, hard hitting, and a dark colour when mixed. If your Kava looks dark in colour, you can be sure it is a waka dominant powder. 




This is the less potent part of the root system and located just above the waka and below the stem. Its smooth milky and pleasant tasting though you will need to drink a lot more in order to feel the effect. 



The kasa is used by dishonest sellers to bulk up the weight of their product and it is truly an ugly part of the Kava trade. Kasa should only be used for replanting. When pounded up with waka and lewena there is really no way to tell what it is you're drinking. The only way to tell is when you feel sick and hungover the next day. 

Kava Pros can confirm we never use kasa or stem in any of our kava products. 

Kava Pros do not buy or trade Kava less than 3 years old. Kava Pros firmly believe that Kava root should be left in the ground for an absolute minimum of 3 years.
We do not encourage our farmers to harvest their crop unless it's at least 3 years old.

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