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Kava Pros

Strainer Bag Discount

Strainer Bag Discount

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The Ultimate Strainer Bag

The Kava Pros Strainer bag is the perfect bag for mixing kava. We have spent years developing the right size and nylon mesh for the specific purpose of mixing kava.

  • Size 22 x 30cm

Step 1: Add Kava to Kava Pros Strainer Bag
This can vary based on taste preference or depending on how many people are drinking with you. A good start is around 2-3 tablespoons per 16oz of water.

Step 2: Add the water.
Allow strainer bad to sit in the water for a few minutes or start kneading the bag straight away.

Step 3: Mix Mix Mix
Knead the kava in the strainer bag for a good 5min to ensure all the kava is extracted into the water. You will feel a distinct difference with whats left over in the strainer cloth when the kava is ready to drink.

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